Urge your Senator to support the CRA and stop the NLRB’s job-killing joint employer rule.

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The NLRB’s final joint employer rule would strip small business owners of authority over their small business. This new rule threatens the good paying jobs of millions of workers who rely on small and local businesses for their paychecks. The last time Washington pushed a rule like this it destroyed 376,000 jobs, cost small businesses $33.3 billion, and led to a 93% spike in lawsuits in the franchise sector alone.

Pro-worker and pro-small business leaders in both parties are standing up for millions of workers by introducing resolutions of disapproval to nullify the NLRB’s joint employer rule that will take effect on Feb. 26, 2024 by using the Congressional Review Act.

The Coalition to Save Local Businesses represents thousands of local businesses and millions of American jobs through its membership and partner organizations. The coalition’s goal is to raise the voices of everyday Americans who own, operate, work for, and depend on local businesses for their livelihoods.

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